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TINHORN CREEK TINHORN CREEK - Innovation Series Whole Cluster Cabernet Franc - 2016

TINHORN CREEK Innovation Series Whole Cluster Cabernet Franc 2016

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93 Points

This new portfolio edition is not from Tinhorn Creek's vineyards, but from a site on Anarchist Mountain, in Osoyoos, called the Red Brick Vineyard. Made in a more natural method, it was picked in late October in whole clusters (stems not removed) and placed in open top fermenters for 25 days to go through a natural fermentation (no yeasts added to assist the alcoholic fermentation). Whole berries went through partial carbonic fermentation in a zero oxygen environment, creating a longer and slower process and the wine was pressed and racked into French oak barrels for malolactic fermentation (a second fermentation) and matured in barrel for 16 months. Expect spicy red fruits, a hint of cracked pepper, sweet vanilla, cocoa and pipe tobacco. It is juicy and balanced; flavours of licorice, sweet spices and high-toned red berries culminate in clove on the finish. The tannins are silky. 

January 2019

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