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Tolpuddle Vineyard's 2015 Releases

Harvest report: Precipitation was ideal through to mid-January. Temperatures then remained cool and the rain dried up through to harvest, which yielded optimal conditions for concentrated flavour development. The perfectly healthy fruit was picked in late-March/early-April, slightly earlier than the average harvest. Moderate yields were achieved for the 2015s due to the beautiful concentration of the fruit.

These are outstanding wines from a high-quality Tasmanian vintage!

Chardonnay 2015

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Portfolio Portfolio Liquid Art
Product code Product code 363549
Format Format 6x750ml
Listing type Listing type Speculative
Country Country Australia
Regulated designation Regulated designation Table wine
Subregion Subregion Tasmania
Varietal(s) Varietal(s) Chardonnay 100 %


Chardonnay  2015

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- 97 Points -

January 2017

An extraordinary wine from one of the most perfect growing seasons, this has seen 100% malolactic fermentation, and the way in which the acidity is set into the wine is stunning. The nose has a good serving of toasty hazelnuts and spicy oak, but the bright grapefruit and white-peach fruits take centre stage. Flinty and complex. The palate is cast around a central core of intense, commanding acidity, while peach-custard and lemon-curd flavors hold super long. The acidity pins the finish in place. Stunning concentration and balance. Elegant and powerful.

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Pinot Noir 2015

Liquid Art

Tasmania, Australia

363556 | 6x750ml | Spec

5 case(s) available

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- 97 Points -

James Halliday (Australian Wine Companion), November 2016

Bright, clear crimson; this is right up there with the best of the best from a great Tasmanian vintage, sharing the alluring, perfumed fruits and the integrity of high quality tannins proficing the structure for a long future. There is a purity to the red and black cherry/berry fruits that shines through the portals of the savoury/spicy tannins. A luminous future will richly repay those who are patient.

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Pinot Noir  2015



Tolpuddle Vineyards wines have been hailed as "a new benchmark for Australian Pinot Noir" and "a confident, intense dry white in Australia-meets-Chablis mold, revealing the vineyard source and the purity of fruit that that entails, a Michelangelo's David to the many Goliaths out there." Perhaps this should come as no surprise given the talents behind the project: Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith of Shaw + Smith fame.

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