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Inglenook estate with vines

Inglenook Estate

Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook Estate is on an exceptional run. In 2011 Philippe Bascaules joined Inglenook after spending 20 years at the legendary First Growth Chateaux Margaux, first as assistant to the Estate Director and later as the Estate Director overseeing viticulture and vinification. As General Manager of Inglenook Bascaules has moved the wines in a more elegant and classic direction. The improvement on what were already exceptional wines has been profound.

In 2017 Bascaules returned to Chateaux Margaux to take over as General Manager after the untimely death of Paul Pontallier. He will remain as Director of Winemaking for Inglenook, overseeing the 50 year vineyard plan that he put in place with the Coppola family. The wines of have never been better and the combination of Francis’s vision, the estate’s history, exceptional terrior and the remarkable talent of the winemaking team has this winery on the path to potentially becoming as famous as that of Bascaules other job!

Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

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Product code Product code 767913
Format Format 6x750ml
Listing type Listing type Speculative
Country Country United States
Regulated designation Regulated designation American Viticultural Areas (AVA)
Region Region California
Subregion Subregion Napa, Rutherford
Varietal(s) Varietal(s) Cabernet Sauvignon 87 %
Varietal(s) Varietal(s) Cabernet Franc 8 %
Varietal(s) Varietal(s) Petit Verdot 3 %
Varietal(s) Varietal(s) Merlot 2 %
Color Color Red
Sugar Sugar Dry
Closure type Closure type Cork


Cabernet Sauvignon  2015

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December 2018

A dense, succulent wine, the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon captures all the raw power and density of the year. The 2015 is just starting to soften, but ideally it needs another few years in bottle to be at its finest. Readers should expect an especially opulent style, and yet the 2015 has more than enough depth to drink well for another 15+ years or more.

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Cabernet Sauvignon 1882 2015


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Cabernet Sauvignon 1882 2015
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Rubicon 2015


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Rubicon 2015
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96 VIN



Founded by a successful Finish sea Captain, Gustave Niebaum, in the 1880’s, Inglenook Estate in Rutherford California was once the most highly regarded of the earliest, great Napa Valley estate wineries. Over the years the estate passed through the hands of Niebaum’s descendants.

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