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The KRIS winery is located in the beautiful hillside town of Montagna, located in the Northern Italian region of Alto Adige. Here you will find a unique combination of German history and Italian nationality working in unison to produce wines that are artistic, but are born out of modern winemaking practices.

KRIS’ beautifully designed labels are the work of Riccardo Schweizer, a good friend of the winery owner and also a native of Northern Italy. Schweizer, who spent many years studying cubism under Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro in Paris, designed the labels to emphasize the following: the role of the sun in ripening the grapes, the human hand to signify human influence on winemaking, and the lips to symbolize the enjoyment of each sip.

At KRIS the focus is on quality. They are dedicated to low yields to best showcase the unique terroir of the Alto-Adige. The ‘delle Venezie’ designation signifies that the fruit for the Pinot Grigio comes from the appellation’s three permitted regions. The delicate floral notes and almond finish are a result of the Veneto fruit, while the fruit sourced from the slopes of Montagna receive significant sun and contribute fresh citrus and pear flavors. Lastly, the well-drained and gravelly soils of the Mulinat Vineyards help to limit the yields and intensify the flavor.