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Grupo Artevino was founded from the expanding ambitions of the Anton Family. Originally coming from the restaurant world, the family owns the Michelin starred Zaldiaran. Understanding the complementary nature of food and wine the Antons established Bodegas Izadi in Rioja and over the next decade they added Villacreces (Ribera del Duero), Vetus (Toro) and Orben (also from Rioja) with the goal to “make high quality wines from indigenous varieties”.

All of the properties operate with the same philosophy - To produce unique wines, representative of their place of origin. Their methods could not be more aligned with our vision to represent wines of People, Place and Time and will sound familiar to those with a focus on excellence. Firstly the properties were acquired due to their unique terroir. All the farming is sustainable and focuses on old vines and low yields; perfectly encapsulating the adage that “wine is made in the vineyard”.

The estate of Villacreces sits between the world renowned estates of Vega Sicilia and Pingus, two of the most famous properties in Ribera del Duero, if not all of Spain. The estate was owned for years by the Cuadrado family but in 2003 it was sold to the Anton family.

Historically, the wines of Villacreces have been a compromise between the modern elements of Ribera and the classical rustic style of long ageing in older barrels. The dynamic young owners who have taken over the estate want to take the fruit from this amazing terroir in a slightly different direction, with shorter periods in oak to preserve the fruit, freshness and liveliness of the wines. If 'Pruno' is any indication, they have made a terrific decision. It has amazing intensity and complexity, a sure sign of this estate's steady ascent to the top of the "quality tree" in Ribera del Duero.

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  • Wine Advocate

    Finca Villacreces is a property next to Vega Sicilia in Ribera del Duero that was created in 1994 and later purchased by the Antón family of Rioja (Izadi). They have 154 hectares of vineyards (certified organic since 2017) that produce enough grapes for all their wines.

    Luis Gutiérrez, December 2019