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For over half a century, the Combard family has been handing down the winemaking tradition to its sons and daughters. Magali, Delphine and François took the helm of the winery from their father Alain Combard and are proudly carrying on his pioneering spirit. Blending heritage and innovation, Figuière is a traditional winery using time-honored methods that aspires to boldly and creatively cultivate a living legacy through novel winemaking techniques.

The Combard family’s winegrowing story began in Burgundy in the 1970s when Alain Combard joined his friend and partner Michel Laroche in developing what would quickly become one of the best wineries in Chablis. In 1992, the pilot, sailor and avid explorer went looking for new unchartered winegrowing country, which he found in Provence. A year later, he discovered the 44.5 acre Saint-André de Figuière estate and decided to establish himself there, steadfast in his belief that Provence rosés deserve the same place at the table as fine white wines.

Figuière is located between Toulon and Saint-Tropez, close to Lavandou and Bormes-les-Mimosas, overlooking the Porquerolles Island and halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Massif des Maures mountain range. Near the town of La Londe-les-Maures, the property stretches across 210 acres of vines surrounded by pine forests, cork oaks, strawberry trees and eucalyptus, and enjoys optimum growing conditions and sun exposure.

Alain Combard decided that it was essential to protect the exceptional environment at the estate and in 1979 started farming organically. The estate is now certified organic by Ecocert.

The Figuière style is uncomplicated, pure and refined. It draws its power and natural elegance from the mineral structure provided by its schist terroir. The winemaking approach is also deliberately minimal in order to bring out the genuine personality of the terroir. The result is wines that have power, finesse, balance and aromatic complexity.