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The history of this château began in the sixteenth century with the family, Roborel Climens, owner of the château, who has developed the vineyard. Thereafter, five families had succeeded each others at Climens. With all the application and selection, displayed by the various Climens’s owners, the wine has become, in the classification of 1855, premier cru of Barsac. Since 1974, the Lurtons have owned the Château Climens. Called the "Yquem of Barsac" or the "Lord of Barsac", the first wine of Chateau Climens is a wine of pleasure. The renowned Lucien Lurton, owner of classified growths of the Medoc, was owner of the domain and granted him the care he needed. His daughter, Berenice Lurton, took over in 1992, the reins of the field.

Château Climens is truly incomparable. Ironically for some, Climens means unfertile or poor land in Celtic. Fortunately for those in the know, the prodigious vine is capable of transforming apparently undesirable soils into the most outstanding wine terroirs! Situated on the highest point of the Barsac appellation, the vines stretch over 30 hectares around the château, in one continuous vineyard. The red soil, dotted with pebbles is made up of a thin layer of clayey, ferruginous sand on a substratum of fissured starfish limestone. The combinaison of these soils and the slope provide excellent natural drainage.