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Bertani’s story began mid-19th century when brothers Giovan Battista and Gaetano Bertani purchased some land in Quinto di Valpantena, north of Verona, in 1857. Although established 13 years prior, the first wine wasn’t released until 1870. Unlike most vintners at the time, the brothers owned both the winery and vineyards, giving them full control of farming and winemaking from start to finish. Bertani was one of the first to bottle its wines and export to foreign markets.

Over the years, the brothers truly honed their craft producing top quality wines that gained popularity in many American cities by the end of the century. As a testament to Bertani’s commitment to excellence, the winery was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1923. The royal connection continued, when in 1937 Bertani Soave was poured at the coronation of England’s King George VI.

In the mid-1900s, the brothers bought Tenuta Novare, a 220ha estate in Valpolicella Classico. It was here that they introduced a new style of Recioto della Valpolicella—introducing ageing techniques that helped transform the traditionally sweet or sparkling reds into dry and opulent wines built to last. In 1958, the first official vintage of Amarone Classico Bertani was released.

It is thought that the Amarone style of wine existed prior to 1958, but Bertani are credited with bottling and exporting the first official Amarone.

To this day, Amarone has its own signature style. The wine is produced using the traditional and natural Appassimento method; fully intact, healthy grapes are dried on traditional cane trays benefitting from natural ventilation and no mechanical intervention to control temperature or humidity. Six years of aging in 60hl Slavonian oak casks is then followed by at least 12 months in bottle before release.

While traditional methods are still adhered to, Bertani also employ modern techniques to produce both traditional and non-traditional Veronese wines. This delicate balance between respect for tradition and desire for innovation and uniqueness illustrates the winery’s present-day winemaking philosophy:

“Our wine has always been a reflection of the personality of the people who make a remarkable wine with its own unique features and a strong character. This is the result of our historic vocation and authentic, as well as innovative, know-how.”

Reviews for this winery

  • Wine Advocate

    Bertani is the brightest star in a constellation of wine brands owned by Angelini Estates, the wine division of the Angelini pharmaceutical group. Despite the change in ownership in 2011, Bertani has remained firmly fixed, locks and chains, to its historic brand identity. There has been absolutely zero change to the wines or the winemaking.

    December 14