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TINHORN CREEK The Creek 2015

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93 Points

Sandra Oldfield waited 20 years to pull off her icon red, it was released just before the news broke that Tinhorn Creek had been sold to Andrew Peller... 

It is a blend of estate Cabernet Sauvignon (50%), Cabernet Franc (20%), Merlot (20%), Malbec (7%) and Petit Verdot (3%); it was then fermented using wild yeasts/selected yeasts and aged 24 months in 40% new oak barrels.
Black currents are woven with sarsaparilla, dried orange peel, figs and toffee aromas. It is smooth and more affable than the 2014; generous fruit, silky tannins and mouthfilling chocolate and vanilla flavours abound. It has impressive posture and length. 

January 2019

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