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BERTANI BERTANI - Soave Vintage Edition - 2016

BERTANI Soave Vintage Edition 2016

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90 Points

Soave always reminds me of the wine of my youth. Long before DOC and terroir hunters, there were simple names: Soave, Barolo, Valpolicella, Chianti, and more. Much has changed since then, and this once simple quaffing white has become a modern showpiece at the top level. You can quaff this wine, but a well shaped glass and a plate of pesto pasta give it a sense of place and meaning. Its subtle almond, grassy, gooseberries brighten the palate before finishing with a whiff of peach and dusting of pepper. This is a wine made for isolation. Drink all summer. The grapes are picked twice, and 40 percent is crushed and fermented with no skin contact in September. The rest are harvested in late October, and fermented on the skins, as they did in the 1930s. Both styles are aged on lees in concrete vats for 12 months.

Anthony Gismondi, April 2020

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